Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Night in New Town

Jubilee and John on the front porch, listening to Saturday Night Music

This whole phenomena of New Town has me slightly mystified. Ordinarily I would be suspicious of a “planned” community, built in the middle of cornfields. I would wonder where “real” life was.
But there is something about this place that feels refreshing to me, and it’s not just the newness. The friendliness of the people, the ability to walk everywhere.

Ada, my new friend next door, moved from a place near here. She says they were stuck in a rut, and one day she told her daughter, “we have to move!” She rented her house out and moved into a rented apartment here. Now, as she feeds the birds from her balcony, she calls down from her balcony to me: “good morning, I’m so happy to be here!”

Saturday night they had live music downtown. We walked the 2 blocks down there, but ended up listening to it as we sat on our front porch.

Here are some more New Town photos:

New Town Cops!
The Diner.
The Canal. Saturday Night Music.

I admit this Church has me mystified! I 'm sitting under it's spires right now, connecting to everyone and the Almighty too. It's 7PM and still 95 degrees!
Here are some photos of the Missouri Ground:
And, just for my friend Sandra, here are some Missouri Weeds!!!

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