Sunday, July 13, 2008

Friends along the way

These are my friends Carolyn, Reed, and Hal, with dogs Kipper and Wishbone.

Carolyn and I met in 1980 when we both worked at a place called Micro-Circuit Engineering. She later married Dr. Hal and I was the matron of honor at their wedding. And then Reed was born.

They live in Knoxville and I only see them every few years. Reed doesn’t even remember the last time I visited.

Their home is a colorful menagerie of dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, and birds – all lovingly cared for. There are books everywhere, ham radios, musical scores, English teapots, robots. Fortunately, Carolyn is a Martha-Stewart style neat-nick who keeps everything clean and organized.

So when I stay with them I feel surrounded by their interests and love.

Carolyn made me a proper English breakfast of poached egg with toast, fresh local blackberries, lemon curd – and tea, of course.

When I was leaving, trying to organize my stuff for taking to the car, Hal - who has so many interests beyond his medical practice - told me that he didn’t need to be organized, Carolyn did that for him.
The world is blessed with the Carolyns of the world, and I am very lucky to have one for a friend.


David Gioiella said...

Betty -

I wish you the best in the rest of your trip and hope you arrive safe and sound. It seems exciting so far!

Please call if you need anything. And I'll keep turned for what lies ahead...


beth said...

Hey David! Nice to see you here! I hate to say it, but I hope I don't see too much more excitement until I get to Missouri! Love to Jenny and everyone in NY.