Saturday, July 19, 2008

Funky New Town

Here are some photos of New Town, a funky little place in the middle of Missouri Corn Fields. They tell me that the community is modeled after “Seaside” in Florida and that the architecture is a blend of New Orleans and Old West. New Town actually reminds me a bit of the 500-year-old village of Parsdorf, Germany, where all the homes are near to each other, and surrounded by farmland.

We live on the main road coming into New Town. There is a canal going down the center, and on each side are the row houses and a variety of “mansions”. The mansions are actually apartments, 4 or 5 to each “mansion”.

This is the Canal down the center of New Town Avenue. (John has caught some catfish and bass from this canal.)
These are the row houses and the street that we live on.

This is the “mansion” next door to us. My new friend, Ada, lives upstairs here.

This is our corner of our mansion. I think that ours looks kind of “Greek”.

Here is another "mansion".

Here are some photos of the community pool. You can see the surrounding farmland (mostly corn). It is 98 degrees here today (much hotter than I've ever known Florida to be), so the pool is very cool:

This is one of the side streets. I call these the "prairie houses". They look very much like the houses that are in St. Charles "Old Town". Again, you can see the farmland that is just beyond the street.

Corn is higher than John, already. Wonder where it'll be in August???

This is where we go to get our mail. Kind of a funky place. I know the postwoman by name, because, so far, none of our mail has been forwarded.

I've been going here most every day. Hopefully I'll get stronger.

And this is a little herb garden that I discovered behind the diner. We haven't eaten at the diner yet. I wonder if they use the herbs.

Some more funky things around this place.

What about this Church with Radio Towers for Steeples!? I'd say they just might be able to connect with the Almighty!

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