Wednesday, July 30, 2008

back to Bardstown

I was side-tracked with a trip back to Bardstown last weekend for Aunt Louise’s 94th birthday party. What a gift it is to be within driving distance (5 ½ hours) for these occasions! I’ve been away for so long. (But I have to admit, I remember why it was that I had to leave!) More photos are on Flickr.

I love our adventure to the Center of the country. It is quieter here, and there is something very calming about the fields of corn and soybeans (though John tells me it is all being grown for bio-fuel, not food). It is McCain country - haven’t seen an Obama bumper sticker yet.

The great rivers, the Missouri and the Mississippi, both captivate me. And I can’t wait to get into St. Louis to explore more than just driving through.

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