Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting Ready to Go

Jubilee and I are still here in Florida, but we are starting to get ready for our trip to the Center of America. After 5 days with out A/C, we finally got that fixed, the taxes are done, and I only have 2 more computer lessons on Monday. If all goes well with the dentist and the oncologist on Wednesday, we hope to set out on Thursday or Friday.

Meanwhile, John has moved into furnished apartment in a place called “New Town” - near St. Charles, Missouri. Web cam is here. If this isn’t the center of America, I don’t know what is. It looks like a little town in the middle of a cornfield, not much bigger than the neighborhood we live in now. With all the activities, I’m a little concerned that we are joining a Church! I’ll just have to adjust.

John sent some fotos via email. These must be the condo/townhouse John has rented. Looks pretty fancy!

And these are of the 4th of July parade, that John says went down the street just in front of the condo (I'm not sure if it is an apartment or a townhouse).

I like the looks of this Organic Farm. And walking to the Market will be fun. I still can't imagine what living there will be like, though. Not quite a Country Club, more like summer camp?


Sally Clay said...

Very Americana, Beth! It's appropriate that you're getting ready for your big trip on the July 4 weekend. Bon Voyage! How are you getting the motorcycle there?

beth said...

The motorcycle is staying home this trip. I would love to bring my bicycle, but it seems to be too much trouble as well.

I plan to walk the a lot with Jubilee when I get out there. I hope it's not too late to teach her to walk on a leash!

Jane said...

Bon Voyage, dear friend!
I will see you there in August if all goes well with you and John as well as Ron and me.
Wishing you a safe journey.

beth said...

Jane, the would be so FUN! if you and Ron came to the Center of America!!!

DigitalCaffeine said...

Just so you know, the organic farm isn't operational yet. Although there are several farmer's markets within several miles of New Town. I love living here though. Lots of luck on your trip here.

beth said...

Hey digital caffeine - you sound like you must know the place. I'm looking forward to the local vegetables - and I'll bet there's good coffee around too. Hope to meet you!