Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missouri Wind, Rain, and Mud

There were thunderstorms the other night. Missouri thunderstorms feel different from Florida thunderstorms. The light flashes higher in the sky, and is more diffuse. The timbre of the thunder is not as deep. I think it must be because the air is not as thick.

And then there is the wind. The mat before our back door (on the inside) was soaked from the 70 mph wind-driven rain. No one around here thinks much of any of this. But I was speaking to my neighbor, Julia, about the winters here. She says that the big thing is the wind. You have to figure out a way to walk your dog according to which way the wind is blowing.

I had forgotten about mud.

The ground doesn’t look especially wet, but when you walk on it, the mud cakes and clings to your shoes until they weigh about 10 pounds. And there’s no getting it off with a stick. You need a high-powered hose.

Jubilee fared much better than I did with the mud. After walking through a couple of puddles, she was free and clean. Maybe because she was born in Missouri?

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