Saturday, November 29, 2008

yellow berries

Just when I thought that the leaves had mostly fallen, and the trees had gone dormant, I start noticing all the berries!
Update: John tells me that these aren't berries at all, but crabapples! (Sure are small for the crabapples that I remember). There are lots of red and blue berries around, it seemed unusual to see yellow ones.


Barbara said...

I recall a saying by a famous French novelist ... name escapes me now ...
It was in the midst of winter that I suddenly discovered inside me an invincible summer.
Ah, yes, Albert Camus.

beth said...

People tell us that this isn't even close to being "real" winter.

It's supposed to snow tonight. I haven't seen snow in many, many years.

That's a nice Camus saying to remember, Barbara. Could come in handy on a lot of levels.

Barbara said...

Not real winter yet, true. I haven't even used my new boots. Snowshowers only these days. You can get real dumps of snow in the midwest and the wind on the prairies can be wicked. Mind you, my memories of St. Louis winters were that they were laughable.
I used to have that quote on a poster in a former apartment.