Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Zoo in Forest Park - St. Louis

On the coldest day so far, we went to the Forest Park Zoo in St. Louis. There was no sun, the little zoo train wasn’t running, and all of the vending sites were closed. The few people walking around were bundled up. But it still was a most unusual and special place, reminding me somewhat of a city park in Prague with old buildings that housed the primates and birds, snakes and insects.

We saw Asian Elephants and Siberian tiger cubs, a sad polar bear, a leopard that paced nervously, mountain lions and cheetahs. The animal pens blended will with the park environs. Though I am intrigued with the striking beauty of these animals and like looking at them, I am bothered by their confinement.

Both of my cameras are malfunctioning now – one gives me a lens cover error, while the other renders unreadable files – and I was only able to salvage photos of the Asian elephant.

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