Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More SLU photos

This is the view from the Pius Library at St. Louis University, the day before Thanksgiving.

I've been fascinated by a coed sculpture at the entrance to the library for awhile. I think that she reminds me of myself. I finally took a photo of her:

And then there's the life size Jesus holding the child on the bench. "Beggars" (local pan handlers)are usually sitting beside him.


Barbara said...

Father Biondi, the current SLU president, is responsible for the ascetic improvements on campus. He really transformed the environment.

beth said...

I haven't really been on a lot of college campuses lately (the last few years), but the art around the SLU campus strikes me as exceptional. I've never seen anything like it - not the University of Miami, or any of the Florida State universities, even the Catholic Univ of America in DC. Just walking around the SLU campus, my whole sense of wonder opens up to new possibilities of what life, really is, all about. I'd call that "education".