Friday, November 21, 2008

Walking the Missouri River

Honest to god, as Jubilee and I were walking the Missouri River today, I thought that walking into heaven itself could not be more glorious than this.

We were the only ones around, and the temperature was below freezing but sunny. With my fleece coat, I didn’t feel cold at all – in fact, it felt wonderful, like swimming in cold water feels in Florida.

We will be going back to Florida on December 8th, and we don't have a clue what comes next. I will miss these cold, solitary walks along the banks of the Missouri River.


Barbara said...

And I, for one, will miss your descriptions of the Center of America.
It is just as chill here, but refreshing.

beth said...

thanks, Barbara. YOur comments here have been a very welcome encouragement.

I think my other readers are either too shy, or don't know how to navigate their way through the comment procedure :-)

Most of the power plant projects seem to be "on hold" or something now due to cash flow (or something). But there is talk of a job in the Dakotas that no one wants to go to ... that's the one we want! Anyway, we'll see what happens. We'll be back in FL for Xmas, but hope to be back on the road fairly soon after the new year (though we may have to wait until Obama gets in office; there's a lot of politics with these jobs). I fully intend to start a new blog with the new venture.

Barbara said...

If you go to the Dakotas, read up on Kathleen Norris. Her early book Dakotah is quite good. I believe there are some Benedictine abbeys up there you might want to visit. I hope all pans out well for you.
Visitors to my blog only seem to want to see the kitteh video. Arrgh!

beth said...

Yes, Kathleen NOrris should be a good guide to the Dakotas, if we should go there. One of the things that I've found so powerful about Missouri is the land, the way that you can see all the way to the horizon, and the sense of the livingness of it all.

When we leave here I will end this blog, and probably go back to Quotes and Musings for my regular musings. I would love to join/form a "group" blog, which would be more of a dialogue/conversation among people exploring their journeys.

Barbara said...

Let me know when you crystallize your plans.