Friday, November 28, 2008

Springfield, Illinois

Bookstore acroos from the Old Statehouse, Springfield Illinois

Illinois is a many-hued land, pasture and farmland that you can see far into the distance. The light in the winter sky changes things all the time.

On the way back from Mahomet, we stopped in Springfield – Lincoln’s town. We saw his giant tomb in the city cemetery and his home just a few blocks from the Old State Capitol. The Presidential Library gave us a very comprehensive (and entertaining) understanding of Lincoln’s life and times.

I think that I liked the Old Statehouse the best. “Humble” is the word one of the custodians used. It pleases me that Barack Obama chose this place to begin his run for the presidency, and to announce his running mate. Walking around the places in Springfield, I couldn't help but imagine how these places and this history had influenced President-elect Obama.

Entrance to the Old Statehouse (Isn't this lovely?)

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