Thursday, August 28, 2008

Weeds are my thing

Weeds are my thing. I’ll take wild and random weeds, any day, over an organized, cultivated garden.

Weeds are not flashy or showy, but humble, mostly blending into the background and each other. You have to make the effort to look at weeds, but when you do, you are astounded at their simple loveliness. All together, weeds can make amazingly subtle changes of color across a landscape.

And if you cut weeds – say for a bouquet or arrangement – they will only hold their beauty for a very short time, maybe an hour, before they die.

Weeds are ordinary, every where. Some people never notice them other than to try to get rid of them. But if you take the time to look, you’ll see and delight in their beauty.

More weeds on Flickr - all weed photos taken this morning at Dusable Park, St. Charles, Missouri.


Barbara said...

I am fond of the tall grasses that some call Pampas grass -- you see it by highways. Now people use them in gardens to soften the floral display. Cattails are cool, too. Maybe that is a coastal thing.

beth said...

I wish I knew the names of all these plants ... maybe that is a project for me.

There is a grass on most of the highways here, and through all of southern Illinois and Indiana, that is quite captivating. But it doesn't seem as large as what I know as Pampas Grass (at least what I know as Pampas Grass in FL and Southern Coastal States). However there is a larger ornamental grass that is used around here in gardens and yards. Jubilee always wants to eat it.

Barbara said...

Could be a different kind of grass. I don't know the difference. Maybe if I went to a garden shop... I have no green thumb!