Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Missouri River Walks

It has been cool enough this week for Jubilee and I to take long, lone walks along the Missouri River. This morning we met a man, sitting on a stool, drawing with colored pencils. He showed me the many pages in his notebook of the scenes just around us. A fox scampered by. I could tell that he knew how to sit there quietly, noting the simple beauty around.

The walks clear my head of words, and the need to “do” something. (Since in Missouri, I feel like I’ve lost my identity, and I’m waiting to see what will happen if I can be quiet!) And I like to photograph the weeds. (More weeds and other things on Flickr)

This is the Wabash Bridge, a cast iron railroad bridge that was finished in 1871. It was only the 2nd bridge to span the Missouri River. Before the bridge, a ferry carried trains across the river.


River Notes said...

Hi Beth - I just came across your blog and have read several entries. It's great!
Because you really seem to appreciate the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, I thought i'd let you know about an event coming up in the St. Louis area: a river clean-up at the Confluence of those two rivers! On September 13, Missouri River Relief is hosting a river clean-up at Columbia Bottom Conservation Area and we'd love for you to come with friends.

Check out for more info...

Thanks for your great postings about river history!

beth said...

Thanks, River Notes, for the tip. I'm really interested in that Confluence area, and I look forward to joining the clean-up. I'll put it on my calendar.

beth said...

PS - I also added links to your website and blog over in my sidebar.