Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Missouri (and Illinois) stuff

We’re still wandering around, looking at the different things in this part of Missouri. Here are some sites and comments, though I still feel too “green” to be making comments.

The corn is getting high, they should be harvesting soon. Mostly the fields around us are planted in corn or soybeans, and they are all marked with signs, noting the type and number of seed (I think).

There is a little ferry boat – the Grafton Ferry – that goes across the Mississippi. This seems kind of strange, since there is a big bridge not too far away. But last Sunday there was long line of cars and motorcycles waiting for the ferry. $4 one way for a motorcycle, we figure maybe people take the ferry just for fun. On the other side, in Illinois, there are bluffs and a road that runs right along the Mississippi River.

John and Jubilee at the Lady of the Rivers statue. The Sioux Power plant where John works is in the background.

Bridge going across Mississippi River to Allton, Illinois.

I really liked the feel of this city (Allton, IL). It feels old, but not tourist-y. Almost industrial, but with a long and living history right on the river. Lots of secret, interesting little places to look. And yet with a realness that is still alive.

There’s a big, glitzy casino on the river now in Allton.

As usual, more photos on Flickr.

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