Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The motorcycle comes to the Center of America

John’s motorcycle arrived tonight on this truck. This is as close as it could get to the apartment where we are staying in Missouri.

Ten days ago, in Florida, it was the first motorcycle loaded onto the truck. The truck then collected some more bikes and went to Sturgis, South Dakota. He dropped off some bikes and then picked up some more. On his way back, he passed by here and delivered John’s bike to him. That’s some business. I have no idea how John found him.


Sally Clay said...

Congratulations, John, on getting your motorcycle back. I guess that is a sign that you are truly moved into your new home!

beth said...

John is riding his bike to work every day - for as long as the weather lasts. Actually, our motto about our "new home" is: we have to be ready to get out in 6 hours or less. That's the nature of his job. We could be gone tomorrow.