Sunday, December 21, 2008

coming home

John, his last day of work at the Sioux Power Plant in West Alton, MO
(His hard hat reads "Hitachi - John")

We have been home for about 10 days now and already our adventure to the center of America seems like a dream. We watch the weather for St. Charles, and it’s hard to imagine 6 degrees, or the brown and icy grey colors of winter. Meanwhile in Florida we are trying to heal our house (which became "sick" while we were away) and Jubilee, who has come down with a severe allergic reaction to the mold, pollen and dust of Florida.

I was touched very deeply by the rivers and sky and land and people of Missouri, and hope to carry them in my soul forever. I asked someone who had lived for awhile in Missouri if they ever missed living near the sea, and she answered, "no, because we have this big sky and endless land here." I understand that now.

We are grateful for the strange twist of event that brought this journey into our lives, and hope for more.


Anonymous said...

A sky like an ocean - that describes the prairie very well. Lately I feel like I'm living in Siberia.

beth said...

It's easy for me to say from afar, I know, but I'm seduced by the winter landscape.

beth said...

P.S. - hibernate and stay warm, Max the Spoon!