Friday, October 24, 2008

Eric's visit

Alton, Illinois

Yesterday I took Eric to the airport. After 8 days of coddling and enjoying our 24-year-old son, we reluctantly sent him back into the world to be an adult.

We did lots of fun things while he was here … hiked, rallied, explored, and ate. He was as intrigued with the hard scrabble city of Alton as I am. This is Fast Eddie's Bar, known as the toughest place around. John and I will go back on the motorcycle for some pool someday. (John can run the table.)
The food is cheap, so there must be a lot of drinks being sold ...
Alton was also the site of the last debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas on October 15, 1958 (150 years ago, almost to the day). Douglas was arguing for the states' right to allow slavery, Lincoln the absolute wrongness of owning human beings. Lincoln lost the race for Illinois Senator to Douglas that year, but the debate brought him to the nation's attention, and he became president in 1860.

Weldon Springs has to be the best hike around here. We did the 5.2 mile Clark Trail and had the whole forest to ourselves. Wonderful views of the Missouri River.
Meanwhile, it is starting to get seriously colder around here.

(more photos on the Flickr site).


Barbara said...

I had always heard about hard scrabble Alton, Illinois. Thanks for the images to carry around.
I got my new jacket today and I have warm boots. The fellows who put up my car shelter should start work soon (those turkeys!). I am so ready this year! And I won't have to brave any snowstorms to get to work. :)

beth said...

I'm getting there, Barbara. Going to get a hat and gloves today. I'm not sure what "ready" is, but I'm psyched! Almost can see my breath in the morning.

Barbara said...

Just wait until a breathing in feels like ice is forming in your nose! Actually, that is unlikely to happen in Missouri.
I forgot to mention that I have an appointment to have my winter tires mounted week after next.
Hats are my biggest problem. I end up with "hat hair" with most tuques, but they are the only thing that keeps my head and ears warm.

beth said...

I got my hat and gloves today, Barbara. The hat is kind of funky, and I don't know what it will do to my hair, but my hair is usually pretty wierd anyway.

First Freeze is coming on Monday!