Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's starting to look a lot different around here ...

It’s starting to look a lot different around here. For one thing, the cornfields that surround us are not green anymore, but yellow and brown. It looks like they are waiting as long as possible to harvest. I’ve heard that this is because the corn will be used for fuel, and the longer it can stay on the stalk, the better.

And there’s a lot of water around. Hurricane Ike came through on Saturday night, and a lot of the roads are still flooded even today (Tuesday). The ground has so much clay in it that the water just sits there. The path that Jubilee and I use to get to the Missouri River is still impassable:
I am reveling in the change. Ever so slightly, the weather is getting cooler, so that I can wear blue jeans and long sleeves most every day now. No more air-conditioning! I am sleeping better than I have in 3 years.

[The latest word is that we will be here at least until the end of November.]

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Barbara said...

It has gotten chiller here, too. The summer flowers are past their prime and some trees are changing colour already. They do it in the same rotation every year.
There was an Italian (I assume) family in my area that had a plaster shrine of the Holy Family which they uncovered in the spring and covered over again in the fall. I thought of it as the Holy Family's summer cottage. For me, it was the surest way to know the season is changing. Alas, that family moved and took the Holy Family with them.