Monday, June 16, 2008


The odometer on John’s 1987 Jeep Cherokee read 208257.5 as he left this morning for St. Charles, MO. Who knows if it will make it back to Florida? I just hope it makes it to St. Charles.
It is 69 degrees this morning in St. Charles. It is 81 degrees here. And, as you can see, John decided against bringing his motorcycle.

Last night we reminisced some about the first time we set out on an adventure like this, with John going first and me following a couple of weeks later. Winter: 1973-74. We hadn’t even been married for a year and were living in Haverstraw, NY when John was sent to a job – the Duane Arnold Energy Center - near Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Funny how many details we have forgotten. But we do remember how we welcomed the clear air and open land of the Midwest – and how much fun it all was.
Update: John called from Chattanooga, says that his is the oldest car on the road.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

we are officially GYPSIES again!

Sioux Plant, St. Charles Missouri
I guess it’s official.

Today John was offered the position of PROJECT ENGINEER at the Sioux Power Plant in St. Charles, Missouri.

I never in my whole life imagined this place, or that I would go there.

The job is for 3 months, but that probably means 6 months with more jobs (elsewhere) following this one.

So we are officially GYPSIES now.

This is the way we lived the first 7 years that we were married. We started in NY, then went to Iowa, Michigan, Oregon, Washington state, Virginia, back to NY, and then to South Florida, where we’ve been for 28 years!!

It’s definitely time to get a move on again.

John is leaving on Monday. I’m staying here until at least the middle of July. I have some medical stuff I need to take care of (a bone scan that my oncologist is insisting upon, etc.). Then Jubilee and I will head out. I want to document the whole trip with photos and commentary, which I will keep here.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Journey to the Center of America

Well, well. Sometimes the thing you never imagined to happen in your life, happens. Like going to the center of America.

It's been a difficult year. First I got diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer, and then John lost his job. So we've been stressed!

In fact, I'm not sure that things are turning around for us. But it looks like something is in the air, And just in case, I'm getting ready with yet another blog!!